Meet our Instructors

All courses are made by experts! This gives you an opportunity to directly learn from well-know and high acclaimed Artists.

Edna Wargon

Resin and Alcohol Ink Artist

Nikos Bartlam

Wood/Resin Artist

Gabriel Guevara


Chrissy Jones

Resin Artist

Alison Camacho

Geode Resin Artist

Rengin Dogan

Resin Decor

Vicki Haye

Resin Jewellery Artist

Nadia Ivanov

Resin Artist

Alex Kazabakas

Resin Artist

Jennifer Lim

Resin Artist

Jamie Roitman

Resin Artist

Dave & Shelley Perry

Resin Artists

Cybill Boisson


Liz Kiemle

Mixed Media Artist

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