Vicki Haye has been creating her own unique and stylish resin jewellery now for the last couple of years. Vicki has created a wide range of jewellery products.

Vicki is a unique resin artist, who loves to make artisan resin jewellery.

Vicki lives at the coast and loves to spend her free time time foraging for unique items to include in her resin art.

Vicki takes her inspiration from the nature around her. Inspiration is everywhere if we just open our eyes to see!

Vicki started her resin journey by making memorial pieces for family and fiends after the loss of a loved one. She was hooked immediately and has been creating ever since.

From day one it helped her as a therapy and has never been about business or money for her, but more about the joy it brings to her life.

She has created some stunning pieces of jewellery as gifts for family friends and to sell and she now wants to help others do the same together she can help you create keepsakes to cherish forever.