Beginners Stylish and unique resin jewellery

Beginners Stylish And Unique Resin Jewellery

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Learn to create beautiful and unique resin jewellery that you can gift or sell. Following the expert guidance from your instructor you will learn all the tecniques available to make resin jewellery that will make all your friends go wow!

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To


Use epoxy resin with different molds to create unique styles of jewellery


You'll be able to use different colours to create different effects with your jewellery


You'll learn what other items you can add to your resin jewellery in order to make them truly unique

About this course:

Beginners stylish and unique resin jewellery course is designed for those starting out on their resin journeys. The course instructor guides you through the items you need before you begin, how to work with the epoxy resin and different techniques you can use to make your jewellery one of a kind and unique to you.

Who is this course for?

Anyone starting out on their resin journey's, from people who have never even worked with epoxy resin before, to those who have but who haven't made jewellery with it yet

Anyone looking to create their own resin jewellery to wear themselves, to gift to others, or to start their own resin jewellery business with

Anyone looking to create their own unique Christmas jewellery gifts for friends and family

Vicki Haye has been creating her own unique and stylish resin jewellery now for the last couple of years. Vicki has created a wide range of jewellery products which she now sells as a small business.

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Learn how to use craft resin for projects and your crafting business

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one time payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can resin novices complete this course?

Yes, you don't need any resin experience to complete this course. This course is perfect for beginners.

Does the course include a list of items I need to make the jewellery?

Yes, a downloadable PDF is available with a list of items on that you will need to start creating resin jewellery.

Can I watch this course as many times as I like?

Yes, once you purchase the course, you will be able to watch and playback the sections as many times as you like. This enables you to learn as fast or as slow as you like to go, you have lifetime access to this course.

Can i watch the course on any device?

Yes you can. The courses are set up and designed so that you can watch and learn on any device, you don't have to watch the course on a computer, you can watch it on your phone. This makes it really easy to transport and watch in the area that you will be creating your resin jewellery in.