Winter Tray

Winter Tray

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Learn how to create a beautiful Winter themed Resin Tray. Use the tray to display your Festive treats, or adorn your home as extra Festive decoration. Create trays like this as a hobby, or to sell as part of your resin business.

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

Create a beautiful Winter themed Resin Tray


Learn how to create a Winter themed Resin Tray from a simple, plain acrylic tray


Learn how to add materials like Sprinkles to colour your Tray and bring your project to life


Learn how to build your Tray up in layers of Resin

This course is designed for resin artists of any level

From start to finish, learn how to create bespoke Resin Trays which you can create in Winter themes ready for the upcoming Festive season.
Create a Tray to decorate your own home, or create Trays like these to sell as part of your resin business.
You can create any colour themes and wording with the techniques shown in this course, so you can make them bespoke to your, or your customers needs.


Jamie Roitman

I am an Opera Singer along side being a resin artist. When the pandemic hit I needed something to keep my creativity flowing and I stumbled upon the world of epoxy resin. It was a steep learning curve at first and I, like many other artists when they start out, made lots of mistakes, but I loved the process of learning. With every creation I made I got better and better and perfected my techniques.

I now can't wait to pass on everything I have learned to give the gift of creating with epoxy resin to others.

Learn new Resin skills today!

Whether you're creating for fun, or to expand your resin business, this course will help

Learn how to use Craft Resin for projects and your crafting business

Improve your resin skills from beginners to advanced crafters

Learn from top artists who specialize in resin



one time payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous experience of working with epoxy resin to complete this course?

No not at all. The course instructor will guide you through everything you need from start to finish to create this project. There are also extra resources throughout that will help teach you any extra techniques too.

Is this course really free?

Yes, we work closely with resin artists to create these courses so that anyone can learn resin skills for free. We compensate the artists for creating this valuable content.

Can I follow along and create my own resin tray while the course is happening?

Yes you can, or you can watch and then get creative afterwards, it's completely up to yourself and how you like to learn.

Can I watch this course on my phone?

Yes you can. Our courses can be watched on any device, all you need is wifi and you're all ready to go.