Resin and Alcohol Ink Art Basics: Make coasters and artwork

Resin and Alcohol Ink Art Basics: Make coasters and artwork

Deby Coles Be the first to review! 55 mins

Learn from an axperienced Geode Resin Artist.

Make less mistakes along the way with the right instruction from the start.

Learn some of the move advanced techniques to creating beautiful Sparkling Geode Art.

Learn quicker with instruction from a professional.



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Make fun and fascinating 3d art with the most amazing tiny details. Relaxing, creative and rewarding. Great for gifts.

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After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To


Use resin and alcohol inks together, safely.


Create the most beautiful colours and patters in your artwork.


Create things like coasters, pendants, buttons, paperweights and larger pieces of art.

About this course

"Our class will cover the basics of the resin and alcohol ink techniques and inspire you to go on and create your own amazing mini artworks. Stare into the intricate details and it's like the whole galaxy right there in your resin. Or like looking at life under the microscope. The class also includes tips on how you can create additional income from selling prints of your pieces too. People really are fascinated by how these look, and you will be too.

Even if you've never used resin or alcohol inks before, everything you need to know is covered in the class. It's fun, easy, relaxing and rewarding."

Hello, I'm Deby. I'm an artist, crafter and teacher living in the sunny Cayman Islands. It's my passion to spread happiness and fulfilment through teaching others to do things they thought they couldn't do. Whether it is teaching scuba diving, sewing, acrylic pouring, resin art or any other subject, I like to break things down into easy to understand small chunks of information. I take a simple step-by-step approach to break down a complex task into easy to complete smaller steps and before you know it, you've completed the whole project and it was so much easier than you thought!

I'll always tell you the why behind the how, so that you don't just follow, you really learn why you are doing it that way. It gives you the freedom to make your own choices, do things your way, experiment and grow. I look forward to guiding you to success.

Resin and Alcohol Ink Art Basics: Make coasters and artwork

Relax and have fun with your new hobby! The fascinating reactions of alcohol inks in resin will delight you. Make pretty and practical items like coasters, paperweights, pendants and larger art pieces.

No prior knowledge is required of resin or alcohol inks

Materials needed: Basic resin working supplies, alcohol inks and a silicone mold



one time payment

Buy £19.99 Free Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this course if I have never worked with resin beofre?

Yes you can, this course is perfect for beginners. We cover the very basics of how to use resin as well as how to create your art.

Can I do this course if I have no background in art and I'm not an artist?

Yes, anyone can unleash their creativity and create geode art. You never know, it might lead you to become a resin artist in the future.

Will I be able to sell my Geodes after this course?

Yes, as soon as you have geode artwork you can sell it. There will be a course launching which will cover setting up your own resin business, so jump on this course, start creating and then you'll have the stock ready to go when you do turn it into a business.

Do I need an art studio to do this course?

No, this course can be done anywhere. As long as you put plastic sheeting down to protect the flooring, or table, from drips and spills and as long as it has great ventilation in the room, you can create geode resin art anywhwere.