3D Flowers in Resin

3D Flowers in Resin

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Learn how to make beautiful 3D flower resin coasters in this step by step tutorial.

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To


Have a convenient and easy to clean set up


Gain the knowledge of which type of pigments work best, you’ll be able to create beautiful in depth 3d flowers in the color scheme of your choice


Learn how to minimize air bubbles in your work


Create a perfect finish on your resin pieces

About this course:

This course will show all of the necessary steps, equipment, practices, and final touches needed to achieve beautiful 3D flower resin coasters.

Nadia started working with resin with her mom as a hobby, but quickly fell in love as a way to express her creativity and turned it into a business. She loves being able to create and turn a vision into reality.

Nadia was born and raised in California, but is Croatian and she has been living in Croatia since she was 16. Being surrounded by beautiful nature and the coastline, Nadia has always considered herself a summer girl. She loves being in the sun and near the sea. A lot of Nadia's inspiration comes from her surroundings, especially in the summertime.

Learn how to create these beautiful resin coasters from start to finish

Let our expert Resin Artist guide you through the steps making learning this art super easy and fun!

The tools and safety equipment needed to work with resin.

How to prepare your space for resin work.

How to efficiently mix your resin.

Mixing different types of pigments in resin.

How to eliminate air bubbles in resin.

The key steps in making beautiful 3d flower resin coasters.

Tips on how to have a glossy domed finish.



one time payment

Enroll for free

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we really want to bust any objections they have for purchasing. Usually it is around time, money, tried this before

What if I don’t have all of the equipment?

There is a handy equipment list at the very beginning of this course, most of the equipment on the list have links to the equipment the Instructor personally uses.

Can I use different pigments?

You can recreate this 3D flower in any color combination of your choice. The Instructor will go into depth about what type of pigments are best, so try to stick to those!

What if I’m confused about something?

You will be able to contact your Instructor during the course and also Craft Resin the brand too.